Carmen Mayorga

Carmen Mayorga

Carmen Mayorga

Manager. Expert in manage of commercial teams and time organization.

During more than 20 years she has worked managing commercial teams and time

During the last year the turnover has increased, and the employee workforce continues rising, something about she’s proud of.

Her knowledge about human resources has made that she could be able to carry out the development, now patented, of the enjob method, because whit this method she is able to increase the productivity almost immediately.

With a strong effort, because is not easy launch a product and keep a company on the forefront, she has made her method reach its customers.

They wanted to know “What do you do to have such a success?

So the answer is here for everyone who wants to know it “of course, enjoying”

Everybody say about her “her emotional intelligence is above any other quality also remarkable in her. She is unique and inrepeatable.”