Do you understand the “real” risks our children face in the Internet world?

Did you know that social networks can use your photos for advertising?

Courses in Schools and Colleges

Do we have to destroy the students’ exams?

Can I post photos of students on our website?

Informatic measures affecting the L.O.P.D.

How often do we need to change passwords?

What information should the backup contain?

Video surveillance applied to the L.O.P.D.

Is it possible to record images or sound on public roads?

Can I put cameras in workplaces?


Do you know how to correctly store your patients’ medical records?

Could someone other than the patient pick up the results of a test?

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Law 10/2010 – Royal Decree 304/2014

We explain the current regulations and the obligations to be fulfilled.