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Do we have to destroy the students’ exams?

Can I post photos of students on our website?

In what space can I publish the list of admitted students?

With regard to the handling of children’s data, special care must be taken, and more so today, with all the technology available to anyone.

To you, teachers, educators, teachers… we help you to solve these and many other doubts that you have to deal with every day.

Usually we hear news about the report of grades or the communication of these to the parents of the students and we ask to ourselves if these actions are legal or not when we’re talking about minors or if they have reached the legal age.

Can cameras be placed anywhere in the school by reason of security or control? In which cases can us also record audio?

Our clients solve these doubts and others like, who is authorized to access to these images or how long can them be stored, if they have to be encrypted or if everybody can have access trough internet to them.

With our training, these and many others questions will be solved to help the behaviour of your school and convert it into an example to be followed and meets with all the requirements established by the law.

The law sets many rules and exceptions that need to be internalised to don’t commit any offence related with data protection that can have as consequence important sanctions or responsibility , which in many cases could be criminal.

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