Would you know how to correctly store your patients’ medical records?

Could someone other than the patient pick up the results of a test?

In the case of a minor, could you, without the consent of your representative, request medical reports?

The data handled in the health sector is extremely confidential, we will teach you how to comply with legal measures and thus safeguard the information.

We have courses of data protection adapted to health sector where we include clinics, hospitals, labs, health centres, nursing homes, etc.

All the organization and companies in connection with health manage high level data of personal nature, this means, personal data that are specially protected by the law. These companies have to meet with requirements much more strict than companies that don’t works with this kind of data.

The LOPD is an organic Spanish law which has to protect and guarantee the public freedoms and the fundamental rights of the physic persons in relation of personal data including its rights to the honour and personal and familiar privacy.

The main object of this course is to learn the procedures, duties and rights that we made ourselves submitted by the law about the management of data and files of personal nature, regardless of the format and computer support that we use. There’s have to be a guarantee of the compliance of the law and the protection of rights that belong to the persons as the compliance of the duties of those persons and organizations that mage them.

In terms of data protection, the treatment of personal data in the health field and its regulation by the organic law of data protection are key factors in reference to the application of the law.

We will deal with topics such as the application of organic law of data protection in the Health Sector, the implementation of this regulation in the Health Sector as well as the protection and treatment of this data in view of the continuous emergence of new technologies.

You will also get information about the high penalties you may face for non-compliance with this law.

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The Health and LOPD training course you can’t miss!