Informatic measures affecting the L.O.P.D.

How often do we need to change information access passwords?

What information should the backup contain?

Is the cloud secure for storing our company’s data?

The IT measures taken to protect the information are a fundamental part of compliance with the law, and in the continuity of our business.

We teach you, in an easy and simple way, how to comply with the computer measures required by law.

  • Identification and registration of equipment: in order to have a correct control of the computer equipment is necessary to identify and register all of them to apply the security measures and remove any that could be susceptible of breach the law.
  • Access Control: It is necessary to have a strict control of access to the data and, therefore, to the equipment of the company. You can not leave the data accessible to anyone and you have to restrict the permissions to who really needs access.
  • Secure Passwords: The importance of having a secure password is often overlooked. Common words are often used in passwords such as our child’s name, date of birth. We must avoid using these passwords and choose passwords that support “brute force” or “social engineering” when trying to decipher them.
  • Access Restricted: As we mentioned in the point about control of access , the data only have to be accessible to the authorized persons and who really need it.
  • Block of computer equipment: It has to be possible to block the computer equipment, for example, against absence of the user to don’t allow the access to other persons without authorization.
  • Antivirus: It is Essential the use of an antivirus program, also anti-malware to avoid the stole of data.
  • Optimization of browsers and history: The level of security of the browsers is something that we rarely configure but it results that is a very important factor at time to avoid theft of data and computer braches.
  • Clauses from the organic law of data protection: It is necessary to inform the recipients of our mails or to the users who use our web pages, about our privacy politic and our use of cookies and about how they can ask for the ARCO right before us
  • Software register: To know about what software you have installed is fundamental to know if the personal data that we have stored are shared with someone or they’re protected in our equipments.

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