Do you understand the “real” risks our children face in the Internet world?

Did you know that social networks can use your photos for advertising?

The lack of knowledge on the part of minors/guardians/representatives of how our personal data is handled in the technological world is the cause of many real problems.

Minors are specially protected by the law (LOPD) and, as company, taking care of and protecting their data becomes a very important obligation.

Is fundamental, in these cases, have the consent from the interested party if he’s older than 14 years old and from the parents or the guardians if he’s under 14 years.

It’s is important to verify if the consent of the parents or the guardians is real and certain, it means, that the minor doesn’t falsify the parents/guardians signature.

Also is necessary to inform about the rights that the interested party have to access to the data collected by the company.

It should be noted that only if it is necessary the parent’s or guardians data could be collected to make the contact with them possible, for example, the work data of the parents are just property of them, and if we don’t have any authorization from them, we can’t collect or treat them.

These requirements or duties apply to any company: schools, doctors, sport clubs, dentists, regardless of the sector where they development their activity.

If the company has a high level of protection, because, for example, it collected medical data, the requirements and duties are more stringent.

What is really important is to know the risks, causes, rights, problems, etc. and to transmit them to minors in a natural way, in order to avoid greater evils.

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