Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Law 10/2010 – Royal Decree 304/2014

We explain the current regulations and the obligations to be met, depending on your sector, to correctly comply with the Law and thus avoid unnecessary sanctions.

With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we considerate ourselves the best company in Prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. If you realize our courses you’ll have quality information with real professional’s of the sector, and you will learn the most current legislation and the procedures of intern control and communication obtaining the competences and basic abilities about prevention of money laundering.

We have both, face-to-face courses and an e-learning platform where you Could realize the training completely online at your own pace and having always the advice of a professional assigned to each course with whom you could contact to solve any question that you could have.

The legislation on the prevention of money laundering establishes a series of obligations ain terms of procedures, internal control and communication, as your object is meet, prevent and avoid the accomplishment of operations that may imply money laundry.

The law, in addition, establishes the figure of the “obligated subject” and proposes a series of preventive measures that must be fulfilled. You will learn what the figure of the “obligated subject” implies and what responsibilities he has to perform.

You will also have all the information of the different infractions and sanctions that you can face for not complying with current regulations.

The course is aimed at those responsible for the financial and judicial sectors as well as workers or anyone wishing to train in Money Laundering Prevention.

Is not necessary be an expert in economy to perform this course because it has been structured so that anyone can understand the concepts and will be able to obtain benefits.

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The training course on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and LOPD that you can’t miss!