Video surveillance applied to the L.O.P.D.

Is it possible to record images or sound on public roads?

Can I put cameras in workplaces?

Can I refuse to be filmed?

Where, now, are there no cameras? It is quite common nowadays to use security cameras in roads, bars, workplaces, etc.

With this course, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to correctly install the surveillance cameras in compliance with the Law, as well as to know the rights and limitations that can be applied to the images.

There are high penalties for breach of the Data Protection law. Video-surveillance sanctions are particularly persecuted, by Spain and the European Union, because many companies put the cameras without meet the current legislation.

The managers responsible for the installation of these cameras and video surveillance systems, and the corresponding files of data processing, must know the applicable legislation in order to avoid penalties for the application of the Law of Protection of Personal Data. 

Our course is essential if your company has or is planning to install security cameras in its facilities, as well as for private security professionals, property managers, owner communities, etc.

In our video surveillance course applied to LOPD, you will meet from professionals, the Spanish and the European legislation, in video-surveillance public o privacy as well as the recent incorporation of drones.

The person in charge of the file and the user or users of the video surveillance system will be recognized and appointed, as well as the obligations of recording files, processing and maintaining the images on the storage media in order to avoid incurring civil, administrative or criminal offenses.

You’ll learn in an amicable and safe way all the applicable legislation in relation to the video-surveillance in data protection and you will obtain information about the procedures that the responsible of the files or the treatment of those has to comply. Also, obtain information of the degree of compliance that your organization has regarding this field.

You’ll have an access to the concepts and contents, including rules and necessary procedures for the correct treatment and capture of images as well as information about the duty to register the video-surveillance files in the agency, the security measures that you have to apply and the rights that have the people whose image is captured by those cameras.

Definitely, thanks to this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge for the adaptation of your video-surveillance installations to the regulations to avoid penalties and, at the same time, to fulfill with its commit.

Our courses, in addition, have the possibility of being subsidized by Fundae (Old Tripartite Foundation) for the workers, using the credit for training of the company. All contents, schedules, duration and hours, can be adapted to the specific needs of each company, making a course that suits 100% to your needs.

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The video surveillance and LOPD training course you can’t miss!