Prevention of Occupational Risks

What is Occupational Risk Prevention?

The regulations on the prevention of occupational risks (Law 31/1995, of November 8, 1995, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks) establish that the employer has the duty to protect workers against the risks produced in the work environment; as well as to carry out prevention by adopting the necessary measures.

What services do we offer?

Prevention services must be able to provide the company with the advice and support it needs according to the types of risk within the company, in particular with regard to:

  • Design, implementation and coordination of preventive action plans and programmes
  • Training of workers
  • Provision of first aid and emergency plans
  • Surveillance of workers’ health in relation to risks arising from work

Our main objective is to…

We will integrate the prevention occupational risks in your company and we will reduce the accidents rates, improving, at the same time, the health and the safety of your employees.

Our staff is highly qualified with a wide experience on the field, that allows them to provide you a completely personal service, fast and permanent. That’s what sets us apart from other PRL services.


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