Why Rapinformes?

Our motto:

“The security of your data is our main aim”

That’s the reason why we have become in one of the leading consultancies in data protection at the national level

Have you ever had any problems when an employee leaves your company and them starts to manage the database of your clients because the security systems that you use are not adequate?

Have you ever felt manipulated to realize acts in your business just because is required by law?

Would you like to know if your website meets the necessary requirements for online sales, or if the services that you are offering have all the guarantees?

Being a reference not only adapting companies to the LOPD but provide to hundreds of people in our country with training to comply with current legislation.

Through our attendance-based courses we can solve all of your doubts and we provide you of all the necessary tools to get it.

Prepare yourself in this subject, our courses teaching by qualified professionals, it will make your work environment safer.

In Rapinformes we commit ourselves to protect your personal data not just to meet with the law in force, but to avoid possible issues which could be harm for our clients and for us against the competence.

We take care of our clients and we’re always ready and available to answer your consultations, visiting your company when it will be necessary. In this sense data protection is not something that you have to worry about and you can dedicate 100% to the most important: Your Company and your customers.

We protect you against problems, inclusive criminal offences that you could incur if you don’t meet with the requirements of the current law about Data protection, Criminal Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist FinancingPrevention of Occupational Risks and Computer Measures related to Data Protection

Imagine that one of your employees copies the data of your customers and he/she use them in a fraudulently way or sell them. In that case, your company as a legal entity, could be committing a criminal offence, that in the worst case, could close your company.